Five Quick and Easy Ways to Insert Arrows Into Your Word Document

Five Quick and Easy Ways to Insert Arrows Into Your Word Document

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to add arrows into your Word document, especially if you’re already bogged down with work. But an arrow inserted properly can drastically improve the look of your business proposal or website in no time at all! Follow these five quick and easy ways to insert arrows into your Word document, and you’ll never have to worry about struggling with insertions again!

 Press CTRL+A to select the entire page

It can be tough inserting an arrow into a document if you’re not sure what keyboard shortcuts are available. Here are some of the most popular ones that are available:

*1. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW inserts rightwards pointing arrow (=>) in text. To insert a right-to-left looking arrow, press CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW (=>).

*2. CTRL+LEFT ARROW inserts leftwards pointing arrow (<-) in text. To insert a left-to-right looking arrow, press CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW (<=). This is the same as the previous one except it will appear facing the opposite direction when viewed on your computer screen.

Click on the INSERT tab

*To insert a single arrow, place your cursor where you want the arrowhead to go and type: CTRL+A => enter=> CTRL+P => Enter=> CTRL* *To insert a double arrow, repeat the process but press CTRL+SHIFT+A before typing. *To add an arrow with text inside of it, follow the steps above but replace enter with the text you would like centered in the middle of your double arrows. Use multiple lines if needed. **The trick is to make sure that you don’t accidentally replace any line breaks when using this shortcut by highlighting everything after Enter before pressing enter.

Select Shapes group

Arrows are one of the most popular shapes for using in presentations, reports, and even homework assignments. They are often used when you need to direct a reader’s attention in a particular direction or sequence. There are many ways you can insert arrows into your documents. In Word 2010:

Click where you want the arrowhead to go, then click the graphic, Arrow, at the top of the Font section on the Ribbon menu. The arrows will start from that point and move off in the direction you specified by clicking Arrow Style on the left side of your Ribbon menu.


Select the Arrow down option.

  • Click on the insertion point you want to start your arrow from and then hit Ctrl + ↑ .
  • Hit Ctrl + ↓
  • You can also use the Insert > Symbols toolbar at the top of the window 4. Right-click in your document, select Arrow from the context menu, then click on an arrow type 5. If you have arrow styles saved as symbols or arrows saved as clip art, you can just drag them into your document where you want them


  • Use your arrow keys to point where you want them!
  • Press CTRL + F3 on your keyboard.
  • 2. Press the up arrow key once, then again a few times (if you want different heights). 3. Hold down the space bar, then use your arrow keys in any direction for some quick shortcuts! 4. On Windows computers with a Fn key, press it and use your arrow keys for yet another shortcut! 5. To easily put arrows on both sides of a sentence, click on the words you want to put an arrow before or after, press ALT + B on your keyboard and type in how many spaces between each word you would like there to be!

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