Asus ROG Flow X13 Review: A Gaming Laptop That Delivers On Its Promises

Asus ROG Flow X13 Review: A Gaming Laptop That Delivers On Its Promises

If you’re looking for a new gaming laptop, you might not be sure where to start. The best way to pick the one that will help you level up in your favorite games is to check reviews from independent sources that have tested and compared several gaming laptops on the market today. This Asus ROG Flow X13 review takes an in-depth look at what this specific model has to offer gamers and compares it to other models available on the market today.

Build Quality

Asus has consistently released gaming laptops that have gorgeous, innovative designs—the Republic of Gamers (ROG) range is a fantastic example of that. But as much as we like to gawk at them, they’re not very practical. For instance, most ROGs are bulky and heavy because of their high-end hardware components and extravagant design choices. And that’s why we like Asus’ take on a gaming laptop in terms of build quality—it looks great without sacrificing portability or power.

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Screen & Sound

The first thing that you notice about the Asus ROG FX553VD-FY015T is its massive, 17.3-inch Full HD IPS display with a wide, 178-degree viewing angle. The display is bright and crisp, offering a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Viewing angles are impressive, but unfortunately I’ve seen better from other laptops in its price range. Colors aren’t particularly vibrant either and it can look washed out at times. The thick bezel around all four sides really help to accentuate how good it looks and also helps to reduce screen glare when using it outdoors.

Keyboard & Touchpad

We’re impressed with how much room there is on offer, even though Asus has managed to keep a slim profile. The keyboard also feels great, with large, well-spaced keys that have a good amount of travel and tactile feedback. The layout isn’t as flashy as others we’ve seen (most likely due to size constraints), but that doesn’t make it any less usable.

General Performance

Gaming laptops are built with performance in mind. Naturally, they’re going to be a bit bulkier than normal laptops and you’ll usually sacrifice a little battery life for better performance. If you’re looking for more of an all-around machine that doesn’t specifically cater to gaming, then gaming laptops might not be for you—but if your budget allows and you have a bit of room in your backpack or laptop bag, consider getting one anyway. In my experience gaming notebooks have some of the best displays around and it’s definitely worth taking a look at what we’ve got to offer here today!

Final Thoughts (conclusion)

While some gamers will never give up on more powerful gaming rigs with large speakers, RGB lighting, and bigger screens, others are looking to get their hands on new technology that is both portable and comfortable to carry around all day. Asus has been delivering laptops like those in its ROG series for years now and they continue to do so here. The Asus ROG Flow X13 is a fresh take on modern gaming laptops without sacrificing too much power or performance. If you’re looking for a capable gaming machine that also lets you watch movies, work on spreadsheets, or stream YouTube videos while still getting good battery life and a lightweight design then you should check out what Asus has in store here.

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