5 Ways to Create Unique Styles in Microsoft Word

5 Ways to Create Unique Styles in Microsoft Word

While Microsoft Word makes it easy to add formatting to your document, sometimes you want to create an even more customized experience, where the same font or paragraph spacing looks the same throughout your entire document. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. In this article, we’ll look at 5 different methods you can use to create unique styles in Microsoft Word.

 Change The Font

The quickest way to change the font is by clicking on the text and adjusting it from the Home tab. Clicking on any of the preset fonts offers a preview of what your document will look like with that particular font, then press OK when you are satisfied with your selection. Alternatively, you can select Customize Fonts from the same Home tab for more options and precise control over every detail of your fonts. The fastest way to access this window is by pressing Ctrl + Shift + D. A nice feature about Customizing Fonts is that they offer preview windows so you can see how all of your changes affect the document as a whole before pressing Enter or selecting Done.

 Change The Color

In the upper-right corner of the window, select format from the menu. This will pull up all your options for formatting and fonts. To change the color of your text, click on Font. From there, you can choose a color by clicking on a box. You can also change the font size, style (Bold or Italic) and other elements.

Use Paragraph Formatting

  1. To create your own style, highlight the text and click on the Styles drop-down menu in the Home tab’s Paragon Ribbon. Select New Style. Enter a name for your style and press OK. Then you can add formatting that you would like to be present for this particular style by going to the formatting options in your newly created style.
  2. Copy another style from a document, pasting it into your new document and then clicking on it so that you are looking at its properties.

 Add Different Line Spacing

One of the simplest ways to add style and formatting to your document is by altering the line spacing. In most cases, single spacing may be sufficient. If you want a little more space between each line, simply highlight all text and select the option for double spacing or 1.5 spacing from the drop-down menu. For an even larger space between lines, look for triple or greater options on your toolbar. There are many different line spacings available to accommodate your specific needs with these just being a few examples of what is possible.

 Go Crazy With Bullets!

The Button and Ribbon Method

  •  Click the ‘Ribbon’ tab on the top of your screen.
  •  You should see a series of small icons in various colors. These are called ‘Buttons’.
  •  Look for a button that you would like to change the style of, then click it once, before hovering over it again. From here, there will be a list of different styles you can use for your button. When you hover over a certain style, the appearance of that style will change so that you can get an idea of what it looks like.
  •  After selecting the desired style, click anywhere else on your document and repeat this process until all buttons are formatted how you want them to be.

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