Which Watch is Right for You? Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Watch Series 3 and Watch SE

Which Watch is Right for You Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Watch Series 3 and Watch SE

It’s time to ditch your current smartwatch, if you haven’t already. That’s because Apple recently unveiled its newest lineup of Apple Watches, including the Series 6 and Series 3 models, as well as the new Apple Watch SE. All three watches are packed with various features and refinements designed to make your time-tracking experience better than ever before. If you’re on the fence about which watch will be right for you, this article will help you decide between the Series 6, Series 3 and Watch SE so that you can get the best experience possible from your next Apple Watch purchase.

Battery life

All three watches have the same ambient or power-saving display, so there isn’t a major difference in how long they last. But if you’re going to be using the watch heavily, all three devices differ when it comes to battery life as well. The highest rated device of the bunch by Consumer Reports is the $399 Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch Series 4. This particular model lasts 17 hours with regular use, but that’s an average, not an exact figure – which means your mileage will vary based on what you do with your watch throughout the day. If you’re a heavy user and want maximum battery life, this would be the best choice for you; if not, any of these models should get you through most days before recharging would be necessary.

 Screen size

The screens on the newer watches are bigger, which may make the text or visuals a little bit easier to see or interact with on small screens. The size of the screens doesn’t always matter if you’re doing a lot of scrolling or have an iPhone (which will do all that automatically). However, there are features like maps where it might be helpful to zoom in, so that may be worth considering when deciding which size screen is right for you.

Water resistance

Both the Series 6 and SE have the same rating of IPX7, which means they’re capable of surviving up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of one meter (or three feet). But while there are similarities between them, they still have a few differences that might sway you towards one model or the other, depending on your needs:

-Watch series 4 isn’t as good as the newest iteration – it doesn’t have an ECG like the series 4 nor does it have better battery life.

Activity features

Apple announced two new watches, the Apple Watch Series 4 (newest model) and the Apple Watch Nike+ collection (aimed at fitness enthusiasts). The former is likely a better bet for most people: it has a larger screen, an electrical heart sensor, and can now operate on watchOS 5 without an iPhone in close proximity.

Watch OS features

So, which watch should you choose if you are looking to buy an Apple Watch right now? Let’s take a look at the features of each:

Apple Watch Series 6

It has three buttons on the side and can come in both cellular (where it has built-in LTE wireless) or GPS versions. It also works with iOS or Mac devices as well as some Samsung phones using one of these connections (either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). It features a sapphire crystal screen that should resist scratches more than older models with Ion-X glass screens, meaning it may have a longer lifespan without needing to replace its screen once the warranty expires.

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