Time Clock Shopping for Employers in 2022: The Top 5 Best Options

Time Clock Shopping for Employers in 2022: The Top 5 Best Options

Employee time clocks are one of the best ways to ensure that your employees are where they’re supposed to be at any given time. If your employees don’t clock in and out, then you have no idea how much time they’re spending working, or where they are when they’re not working. An employee time clock will give you an idea of what your daily costs are, because you can see how much your employees work throughout the day and week, and get a clear picture of which hours are the most expensive based on overtime pay.

Easy Setup Solutions

Easy Setup Solutions provides a cloud-based time clock system that is easy to set up and can be used on any device. This system is designed to make it easy for employees to clock in and out, while also making sure managers have the tools they need to manage their team efficiently.

An added benefit of this particular time clock solution is that it comes with a mobile app that allows you to track employee hours from anywhere, which is perfect if you are away from the office all day.

Affordable Solutions

The first affordable time clock is the TimeClip ID card reader. This option costs only $399 and it’s perfect for small-to-medium sized businesses that don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. It’s an all-in-one system that includes both a time clock and card reader, so you can swipe your ID or key card to log on and punch your time.

The next affordable solution is the FingerTec Biometric Attendance System.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Innovative Technology Solutions is an employee time clock company, which has been around since 1994. It is a leader in the time and attendance industry, with their patented technology making them the most advanced software solution on the market today. Innovative Technology Solutions offers different types of clocks and software to fit any business’ needs, from basic to fully integrated payroll solutions. They provide all hardware and software so there are no hidden costs, and they offer free phone support 24 hours a day.

Easy-to-Use Options

One of the best features of this time clock is that it is compatible with a variety of software, including ADP and Kronos. It also offers advanced features such as multiple attendance types, scanning QR codes to punch in and out, and more. The price is slightly higher than some of the other options, but you get what you pay for. #5 – More Affordable Option: For an affordable option that has all the basics, check out one of these options.

Budget-Friendly Hardware

The most budget-friendly option is the Standalone Hardware Time Clock. This type of device operates without a computer and can connect to your network wirelessly or via USB. There are two types of standalone hardware time clocks to choose from: the Standard Standalone Hardware Time Clock, which is priced at $500; and the Advanced Standalone Hardware Time Clock, which is priced at $1,000.

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