How Shades Enhance Energy Efficiency in Your Living Space

How Shades Enhance Energy Efficiency in Your Living Space

Energy-efficient shades that are customized to your home’s style not only enhance the aesthetics but also reduce your monthly energy bills. Honeycomb shades feature revolutionary insulation that traps air to help regulate your home’s temperature and reduce heat transfer.

Pair these insulative window blinds with motorization for increased convenience and privacy. This system allows you to schedule the opening and closing of your shades based on the time of day for ultimate energy efficiency.

Light Filtering

Designed to filter in natural daylight, these shades provide comfortable privacy. The fabrics (including some types of sheers, linen, and others) also block out UV rays.

They’re excellent for kitchens, family rooms, and main living spaces. Light filtering shades are also ideal for office spaces since they offer a range of opacities and openness options to create the perfect working environment.

Hunter Douglas shades offer signal repeaters for large homes that can extend the remote’s reach.


The ultimate in-light control is available with blackout shades. These window treatments are made of heavy, opaque fabrics that block out all light, giving your home complete darkness when desired. Sheer fabrics soften and filter sunlight, semi-opaque fabrics provide privacy while allowing in some sunlight, and opaque fabrics almost eliminate light, resulting in dark rooms without sacrificing style.

If you want even darker windows, consider a room-darkening liner sewn directly into the front fabric of select textures shades. This innovative system features U-shaped side channels with micro ridges that absorb and deflect all incoming light to safeguard your space from stray headlights and street lamps.

While all window treatments offer some level of light control, their blackout options protect you most against unwanted sunlight. Contact Treaty Oaky Shade Company to learn more about these revolutionary shades. 


Energy-efficient window blinds and shades offer exceptional insulation that can lower your energy bills. Honeycomb shade styles feature a unique structure that traps air in pockets to prevent heat from escaping in winter and hot air from entering in summer, thereby helping to regulate your home temperature.

These insulating shades are also available in various colors and fabrics to complement your interior decor. They are also highly durable, and their insulating properties help to reduce the need for artificial light throughout the day.

Other insulated window shades feature a fabric with folds that creates pockets of air for insulation purposes. These can be effortlessly opened and closed, enabling the entry of natural light into the room while keeping privacy intact. The opacity of these shades can vary from translucent for soft filtered light to fully opaque for a blackout effect.

Energy Efficiency

The fabric on these shades diffuses harsh sunlight and draws it deeper into the room, reducing your need for artificial light and saving furniture from damaging sun exposure. By implementing this filter, you can save on energy bills by minimizing heat loss during winter and solar gain during summer.

The cellular shade design traps air in distinct pockets, adding insulation to your windows. Compared to pleated blinds with only one layer of fabric, a double-layer design can dramatically improve energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills.

You can even get the best of both worlds by pairing a roller shade with a cellular shade. 

Commit to energy efficiency in your home by prioritizing your window treatments. Schedule a consultation with your local dealer to see how to boost energy efficiency in your living space, lower your utility bills, and enhance privacy.

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