Four Effective Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor

Every homeowner wants to follow trends to upkeep the looks and value of their home. While there are many aspects of a home that may need constant updates, there are some parts that look much better when classic. Your flooring is one such part of your home.

While there are many options in flooring, nothing competes with the looks and quality of hardwood flooring. It has served your home for decades. There are countless benefits of maintaining a hardwood floor that you can consider. The one that remains on top is the ease of cleaning it.

Here are some effective tips for cleaning and maintaining your hardwood flooring.

1. Prioritize Cleanliness

Tactful homeowners know that cleanliness is the key to making things work for longer. Your furniture or flooring can last a lot longer if you are careful about regular cleaning. Luckily, hardwood floors like engineered oak flooring are the easiest to clean and can glisten even after being cleaned with a wet mop.

Hence, it is a good idea to clean your hardwood floors at least once a day. You can do this at any time. However, it is recommended to clean the spills as soon as possible. Otherwise, spills can cause significant damage to your hardwood floor.

2. Refinish Regularly

Maintenance of hardwood flooring at home can be enough to boost the looks and increase the longevity of your flooring. However, it may not be enough. Another thing you can do is refinish your hardwood flooring with the best options, such as industrial floor coatings.

According to experts, regular refinishing of hardwood flooring is recommended every 3-5 years. Refinishing your hardwood flooring can be the way to get rid of scratches or discoloration of the hardwood floor. You can also consider sanding for bigger concerns.

3. Avoid Using Polish

Many homeowners think that polish is the best way to enhance the looks of their flooring. It is one of the easiest endeavors to ensure that your home looks fresh. However, there is a big disadvantage to using polish or wax on your hardwood flooring.

The wax and polish on your floor can act as a layer between the treatment and your floor. Hence, you may not have coated floors even if your floors are polished. It is best to get professional help in case you already feel that the problem is not avoidable anymore.

4. Use Furniture Padding 

Hardwood flooring is one of the easiest to maintain. However, many people have complaints about scratches on the floor. While many people are unable to figure out the cause of scratches, your furniture may be the biggest culprit in this case. It gets dragged around more than you may notice.

Whether you reposition your bed or move your sofa slightly, it can be easy to scratch the floor. However, it does not mean that you must forget to move your furniture to secure your floor. Instead, you can use furniture padding to protect your flooring from further damage.

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