5 Awe-Inspiring Tips to Decorate a Small Room That Will Appear Larger


Don’t think you’re alone if you live in a small space. Most people live in a limited space and face the challenge of furnishing their tiny rooms. Nevertheless, a small room like a bedroom needs to have the effect of a large one.

Besides, if you do the bedroom’s interior design right, it will improve eye perception and make the room look more spacious overall. Here are some tips and tricks to make your room look bigger than it really is.

1. Be Sure to Add Reflective Accessories

It’s referred to as the design rule of thumb that mirrors and chrome are allies when you’ve got a bedroom with a small size. Put up a full-length mirror over a dresser or at the bedside.

Alternatively, look for bedding sets with chrome-finished sconces rather than bedside lamps. You can also include luminous photo frames or candlesticks. The intention is to make light bounce off walls, making the space look more significant.

2. Don’t Forget to Tone It Down

You might have heard designers saying that you should not use prints in a small bedroom, but that is not exactly true. Use small prints when you go for florals/abstracts mixed with solids.

With your bed being the centerpiece of your bedroom, opt for a patterned duvet or quilt, and then you can go for printed sheets. For example, the printed sheet sets go well with the Classic Snug oversized duvet cover set.

3. Go for Bright Shades as It Helps Cause Joyous Feelings

While white is bright and is, indeed, an excellent choice for bedrooms, many people prefer having a cozy and warm space. The good news is that you can use color even if you stick to a light and soft palette or when you mix color and white.

Use light to neutral tones of cool colors like blue, green, purple, or grey to increase the optical perception of the space. This all-season classic plush-down alternative comforter comes in different shades that are perfect for a small bedroom. To make your room spacious, match your window coverings to the wall color.

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

As you cannot expand your floor space, you will have to make the most of the height in your bedroom. Vertical features will divert the gaze upwards, which creates a visual effect of more space.

High shelves provide much-desired storage and a boost of style to your bedroom. Paint them the same color as the walls so they look custom and blend in instead of making the space look cramped.

5. Choose Appropriate Furniture

One cannot make a room seem smaller than a large piece of furniture in a room that can fit it. Your bed’s size should allow room for at least one nightstand on the side; otherwise, the bed will overshadow the room.

Go for a tall and slim dresser instead of a wide one, and if necessary, paint your furniture to match it. One of the best ways to achieve this is through magnified windows. This method is low-cost and efficient, and it also creates more visual space.

Legged furniture looks super airy, light, and spacious. Midcentury modern is a good style because it has clean lines with little decoration.

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