Exploring the Identity of Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live and Speculations Surrounding Her Alleged Connection with Casey Thomas

Chloe Fineman

Chloe Fineman

Exploring the Identity of Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live and Speculations Surrounding Her Alleged Connection with Casey Thomas

Chloe Fineman has frequently been associated with Casey Thomas, a notable American writer. Their staged wedding event sparked intrigue and speculation about their connection. Here’s a comprehensive overview of Chloe’s romantic life.

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Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating Now?

Chloe Fineman seems to embrace a solo lifestyle, cherishing her independence. The SNL sensation has chosen to keep her personal life, particularly her relationships, away from the limelight, maintaining a private stance with the media and the public.

As SNL Season 48 began on January 21, showcasing hosts Aubrey Plaza and Michael B. Jordan, along with musical performances by Sam Smith and Lil Baby, Fineman made an appearance alongside Michael B. Jordan and other celebrities during the eleventh episode of the season.

After taking the stage, Chloe quipped, “Hey Michael, I know you’re single, but did you know I am too?” In response, Michael teased, “Don’t you date that hot writer?” Chloe cleverly replied, “Not if you’re available…” The reference to the “hot writer” likely alluded to Casey, with whom Chloe had a mock wedding.

Furthermore, it’s evident that Chloe Fineman is presently unattached, with no reported or confirmed romantic involvements. Additionally, in a September 2020 interview with The Washington Post, Fineman discussed her experience being in lockdown with her boyfriend in Los Angeles, sharing, “Initially, being quarantined with my boyfriend was like, ‘Oh my God, are we going to kill each other?’

In a February 2022 interview with Bustle, Chloe once more referred to her boyfriend. She mentioned that he wasn’t a fan of her attempt to use hair extensions. Then, in March of the same year, Chloe discussed her favorite household items with The Strategist. Among them was the Smeg Two-Slice Toaster. Chloe revealed, “I have a red one of these in L.A., where my boyfriend lives, and a white one in New York.” This choice of words led to speculation that she indeed has a boyfriend but opts to keep details about the relationship private

Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown Relationship  Their Fake Wedding

Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown share a strong and close-knit relationship, often described as best friends. Their bond has attracted significant media attention, especially following a viral fake wedding ceremony. Making headlines on March 22, 2020, Chloe joyfully announced on Instagram that she was getting married to her beloved best friend, Casey.

Captioning the post with, “Tomorrow I’m gonna marry my best friend and the love of my life @shartyparty69 on Instagram live,” Chloe left fans in a state of confusion, unsure whether the announcement was genuine or a playful jest. Subsequently, numerous sources reached out to Chloe and her manager to clarify the situation.



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