3 Top Ways to Counter Traffic Tickets

3 Top Ways to Counter Traffic Tickets

In modern-day driving, traffic tickets can prove to be a frustrating and tragic experience. In case of any violation including overspeeding, crossing the red light, parking offense, following too closely or any other violation, the consequences may vary from fine to enhanced insurance rate. To deal with traffic tickets, knowledge acts as the right tool. With appropriate strategies and knowledge, you can successfully counter and contest the court processes and can make a huge difference.

If you think that you were not the offender and you were wrongly involved in it, have evidence to prove your stance or want to consider your other options, then these strategies can assist in diverting the legal formalities and dropping the charges. To understand proven strategies that can help you to challenge traffic tickets, keep reading this guide.

1.   Counter Police Officer’s Opinion

There are multiple conditions including driver making unsafe turns or rash driving, where the police officer has the option to make his personal opinion or put forward a subjective conclusion. In case he gives you a ticket and puts down his personal opinion, you can challenge that judgment.

Subjective tickets can also be issued in certain states where the government has left it to the discretion of the police to figure out if the driver was not overspeeding. In states where there are no particular laws defining the fixed speeding limit, it is left to the understanding of the driver to decide the speed limit in specific traffic conditions. In such states, the driver can challenge the ticket regarding the speed limit by giving proof.

2.   Dispute Evidence Presented by the Police Officer

There are scenarios of tickets where you can question the judgment of the police officer. The violations in such cases include crossing the stop sign and making illegal and wrong U-Turns. You can challenge the ticket based on a fact whether the officer saw you perform the action for which he has given you the ticket.

To decide whether the ticket is justified or not is upon the judge. However, a criminal defense lawyer carteret county nc can help you with arguments and evidence that may assist in questioning the credibility of the officer’s observation. Your case can be strengthened with the help of photographs of the scene or statements of eyewitness passengers or drivers.

3.   Defend Your Driving With The Justified Reason     

Another way to defend the ticket is to accept the driving mistake instead of denying it by putting forward the real justified reason behind it. There can be cases where you had to make the illegal driving move just because the circumstances required you to act that way. For example, you drove fast because the passing car had a drunk driver in it.

In different situations, over-speeding can be a justified act as you were either trying to prevent an accident or you were trying to save someone’s life. The reckless driving can be due to the fact you felt dizzy while driving.

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