Best UPSC Coaching Institute – Tathastu IAS

UPSC Coaching Institute

If you are considering entering civil services, Tathastu IAS might offer the perfect course. Josh Talks provides insight into their teaching methodology and quality.

At our institute, our dedicated mentors offer students guidance. In addition to offering comprehensive study material and sample papers for reference purposes, they also offer personal coaching services.

Tathastu ICS is rated as best UPSC coaching institute in Delhi.


The UPSC Civil Services Exam is an intensive test that requires dedication, determination and quality guidance from experienced instructors. Tathastu ICS stands out as a pioneering center, offering comprehensive courses and expert advice for aspirants taking the exam. In addition, their partnership with Josh Talks facilitates access to motivational discourses and empowerment initiatives aimed at strengthening aspirant’s preparations.

The institute offers several PGs for girls and boys alike, such as Hari Om PG for Girls and Vidya Library. Each offers unique amenities and flexible pricing plans; some come complete with full-time seats with lockers while others provide access to a 12-hour study area each day. In addition, students have access to libraries with UPSC Study Material available as resources.

Tathastu ICS also provides online video classes. These recorded lessons can be watched multiple times to help aspirants build a solid foundation and get familiar with their exam syllabus and structure.

Tathastu ICS also offers regular practice tests to assess student progress. Conducted by experienced teachers at the institute, these assessments give you an idea of exam format while helping identify gaps in your preparation. Furthermore, Tathastu also offers individual doubt clearing sessions and mentoring programs tailored specifically for its students.

Courses offered

Tathastu ICS stands out as an outstanding UPSC coaching institute by offering a variety of courses designed to prepare for the civil services exam. Their instructors possess in-depth knowledge of syllabus and examination pattern and offer detailed guidance and personalized mentoring, in addition to doubt clearing sessions. Their students have enjoyed great success; many have gone on to become civil servants after taking their coaching.

Tathastu ICS goes beyond providing traditional classroom lectures by providing study material and practice tests that simulate actual exams to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback, and even conduct daily mock test sessions in order to boost performance.

The institute also offers a Bachelor of Administration degree course option, perfect for those wishing to combine study with UPSC coaching. You’ll gain more experience while improving your chances of passing civil service exam successfully. Throughout this course, a mentor will guide and advise you through every stage of studying and essay-writing process.

Old Rajinder Nagar campus of this institute provides an ideal location for aspirants from across India to study at. Amenities available at this campus include Gratification Library and Vidya Library, comfortable PGs for girls and boys, supportive environment as well as access to books and videos online so students can study anywhere at anytime.

Teaching methodology

Civil service preparation hinges upon developing a comprehensive understanding of all subjects, and Tathastu ICS employs an innovative teaching method to ensure its students possess this understanding. They combine undergraduate and postgraduate programs with UPSC coaching so that students build solid academic foundations in all subject areas while receiving additional UPSC coaching for UPSC coaching examinations. Their holistic approach also recognizes that broad education backgrounds help candidates build analytical and comprehension abilities that may come in handy during civil service exams.

Tathastu ICS not only offers regular classroom lectures but also an extensive study material covering the UPSC syllabus – this includes textbooks, supplementary notes and practice question papers that students can access both online and offline. Furthermore, Tathastu’s faculty members are available in both library settings as well as via telephone for guidance or advice if needed.

The institution goes beyond traditional classroom instruction by conducting interactive sessions, mock interviews and personality development workshops designed to assist aspirants with developing qualities associated with successful civil servants such as leadership, critical thinking and communication.

Dr Tanu Jain provides special classes in essay writing at this institute, to ensure students receive high-quality instruction. Furthermore, its mentoring team offers support to help prepare students for both prelims and mains examinations; its course schedule is shared with them a week in advance so they can plan their weekly studies accordingly.


Tathastu ICS stands out amongst IAS coaching institutes in Delhi by offering its students an all-encompassing mentorship program that includes guidance from experienced teachers and well-researched study materials. Their classes are small so students receive personalized attention. Furthermore, Tathastu also conducts regular test series to assess student progress; online coaching options are also provided for those who can’t make physical classes in person.

The academy offers a unique approach to UPSC preparation by combining undergraduate and postgraduate coursework with its preparation program for UPSC examination. This approach allows students to strike a balance between studies and UPSC preparation, leading to holistic understanding of subjects studied. Furthermore, their curriculum emphasizes developing critical thinking skills which are crucial when facing complex civil service exam questions.

The school believes that exams are about more than scores; rather, they serve to be agents of change who address complex challenges that our nation is currently facing. Though preparing students can be daunting tasks, their dedication to nurturing philosophical minds and providing individualized guidance has proven successful for its students. Alongside offering classes, Josh Talks motivational discourse sessions as well as mentoring programs has proven pivotal in helping the academy to achieve great success rates among their graduates; many have gone on to score top ranks on written examinations or interviews.

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